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Cosmetological Translation

Translations in the field of cosmetology are done by cosmetology and foreign language graduates, who are either qualified cosmetology technicians or passionate about cosmetics and the cosmetology industry. Among our translators there are also chemistry, biochemistry and physiotherapy graduates, who provide both theoretical and practical support.

Our range of services is suitable for a wide range of customers, including manufacturers,  importers and distributors of cosmetics, spa & wellness hotels, health resorts, sanatoriums, wellness centres and beauty salons.

We translate a wide range of documents including:

  • labels and specifications for cosmetic products,
  • scientific articles on beauty and medical cosmetology
  • scientific research results and manuscripts
  • descriptions of physiotherapeutic treatments
  • descriptions of care (regeneration and rejuvenation) treatments,
  • beauty product and cosmetic treatment service catalogues and other marketing materials
  • operating manuals (e.g. for lasers producing a therapeutic photorejuvenation light beam),
  • films (e.g. presentations of Botox injection procedures). 


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